Free Advent Video Devotional: Because of Bethlehem by Max Lucado

Advent begins on December 3. If you’re looking for a free Advent devotional to use individually or as a family, FaithGateway is offering access to the four-video Because of Bethlehem devotional by Max Lucado. You can register for it here, and you’ll also get the free Advent Let Your Light Shine Toolkit with twenty-five days of Scripture readings for […]

{Today on Colonial Quills} Quaker Plain Speech

When most people hear the term plain people, they generally envision the Amish or conservative Mennonites. But other plain groups (those who dress modestly and with no unnecessary adornments) also exist. Today I’m talking about Quaker plain speech on Colonial Quills. We’d love to have you join us there.

{Today on Colonial Quills} Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation

The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation is a historical museum and working farm located in Ridley Creek State Park in Media (Delaware County), Pennsylvania. The plantation, which was a working farm continuously for over three hundred years, differs from many colonial historical sites in that it depicts the life of the common man—the “yeoman,” or farmer—instead of […]

{Today on Colonial Quills} Pennsylvania 1756: Quaker Strivings for Peace amidst the French and Indian War

The novel I’m currently finishing takes place in 1756, and delves into Pennsylvania’s greatly deteriorating relationship with the province’s Indian tribes, as well as the effort that Philadelphia Quakers put forth to bring about peace. Today I’m talking about Quaker strivings for peace amidst the French and Indian War on Colonial Quills. We’d love to […]

{Today on Colonial Quills} A Colonial-Era Governor’s Estate

We recently took a step back in time, visiting Graeme Park, the colonial estate of Pennsylvania’s first lieutenant governor, Sir William Keith. The estate is a swirling of beauty, historical value, and mystery (local lore claims that the ghost of Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson still walks the wide-plank floors and grassy grounds). Interest piqued? Come join us on Colonial […]

When Business Becomes Spiritual Idleness

Busyness. It seems like it affects just about all of us. Whether we work full-time, stay home with children, or juggle work and parenting, it seems there’s never enough time in the day. Laundry, cleaning, preparing meals, caring for children, involvement in church activities, work—the list could go on and on. Not that being busy is […]

St. Pádraig, the Shamrock, and the Trinity

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!  That’s Happy St. Pádraig’s Day, in Irish. But just who was St. Pádraig really? (Hint: He’s not the patron saint of inebriation, as my friend’s Irish mother used to say in disgust at what his holiday had become in the U.S.) Truly, Pádraig deserves a bit more honor, so let’s set the record straight. Pádraig (the Irish […]

When You Don’t Love Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? After all, what’s not to love about a day to celebrate life, love, and of course chocolate, right? Mmm . . . sometimes a lot of things. Honestly, Valentine’s Day is a tough day for a lot of people. For those who are lonely and for those who have lost […]