Word of the Year: Follow

  If you follow personal blogs, you’ve probably heard about Word for the Year. At the beginning of each year, you pick one word (and maybe a verse to go with it) to focus on for the coming year. This year I picked Follow, along with Psalm 119:105: “Your word is a lamp to my feet […]

{Advent Conspiracy} Christmas Day

  It’s Christmas Day, and tonight we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. God’s greatest gift to us didn’t come as a king demanding to be served but as a king who served in love. Throughout his life, Jesus’ actions were a human reflection of God’s unconditional love for us, and through his death he […]

{Advent Conspiracy} Week 4 – Love All

If we really think about it, Christmas is all abou​t love. When God created the world, everything was perfect—until Adam and Eve disobeyed and humankind started on its downward spiral into hatred, jealousy, rebellion, and suffering. But separation from him wasn’t what God wanted for his people. To bring us back to him, He offered us […]

{Advent Conspiracy} Week 3 – Give More

On this third Sunday of Advent, the premise we’re embracing is “Give More.” Of course, this may seem a bit contradictory after last week’s premise, “Spend Less.” I’m sure some of you are already wondering, “So how am I supposed to spend less but, at the same time, give more? The two just don’t add […]

{Advent Conspiracy} Week 2 – Spend Less

Christmas is often associated with all the good things about it that come to mind: putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house; eating delicious meals with family and friends; going Christmas caroling; baking holiday cookies; giving and receiving gifts; and creating family traditions. For many people, this is, as the Andy Williams song […]

{Advent Conspiracy} Week 1 – Worship Fully

When we think about Christmas, we often think of gifts—tangible goods wrapped up in festive paper and shiny bows. We enjoy picking out the special somethings that will light up the faces of those we love, and we anticipate receiving gifts from our friends and family. Sometimes we even get so caught up in the […]