#Pic4Year 2013: Be Thou My Vision

“Be Thou My Vision” is my favorite hymn. It has been for as long as I can remember. As a child, I loved the tune. As a teenager, I paid more attention to the words I was singing and then fell in love with the hymn all over again. I’m now at a place where I find myself singing contemporary worship songs much more often than hymns, but “Be Thou My Vision” still ranks as one of my favorite songs, second only to “In Christ Alone,” a contemporary Irish worship song.

When I recently came across the Pic4Year blog linkup on Christian writer Mary DeMuth’s blog, I loved the idea of choosing one word (or a few words) to be a “helpful and amazing way to focus your year and anticipate what God is doing.” And I immediately knew what my words would be: Be Thou My Vision. That’s what I want for my next year. For God to be my everything, and to guide me in every breath I breathe and every step I take. 

My vision. The Lord of my heart. My best thought. My light. My true word. My Father. My inner dwelling. My battle shield and sword. My dignity and delight. My soul’s shelter. My high tower. The power of my power. My inheritance. The first in my heart. My treasure. My victory won. The heart of my own heart.

So here is my word picture for 2013:

What word (or words) is God using to speak to you for the coming year?

Pray about it, and if you’d like to participate in the linkup, you can do so here. What an awesome way to be mindful of God’s presence and work in our lives.




Photo Credit: Ian Britton – FreeFoto.com

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